AMADYNE Corp • High Performance Polycarbonate Front End Masks and Wind Deflectors
Stallion Wind Deflectors
Stallion Trike with wind deflectors installed
Improving the joy of your ride
Stallion Wind Deflectors

Our custom-molded wind deflectors feature multiple advantages:

Greatly reduce the wind and rain on the rider and passenger legs
Made of polycarbonate which is lightweight and strong
Polycarbonate doesn’t shatter like Plexiglas. It is tough and has high impact properties
Tested on the road for over five thousand miles
The deflectors are held in place with strong pressure sensitive tape.
They come in clear, smoke or bronze, but may also be painted to match the bike.
Stallion Wind Deflector - smoke with black cherry trim
Stallion Wind Deflector - smoke with black cherry trim
Stallion Wind Deflector - smoke with black cherry trim


"I helped with the testing of the Wind Deflectors and used the original design for over 4,000 miles. They worked so good that on a trip that took us over 2,500 miles up to and across Ohio, that less than half the way up, we stopped using the Soft Doors which I also have installed. After about three months of use, we decided to improve the design by adding a little more surface under the mirror and at the bottom. I really, really missed not having the Wind Deflectors on while the redesign was in work." – Tom

"Thanks for the clear wind dams. They help alot! I noticed a big difference on the way home! They kept the wind out & will keep the rain off your legs! I LOVE THEM!!!! They really look sharp on my Stallion !!!" – Lou


Clear deflectors only $240.00 (+ $18.95 S&H)  
Smoke tint only $260.00 (+ $18.95 S&H)  
Amadyne takes great pride in its commitment to customer satisfaction!
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